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Handbook for Staff

This handbook is required to be read in full after being accepted into the staff team. You may be questioned on this. Please read through the book carefully. Thank you!

I.) Getting started.

Well, you've just been accepted as a member of the staff force. Congratulations! However, there are some really important things you must know before you begin doing your job. The three most important things are as follows: Professionalism, competence, and maturity. More broadly known as, "PCM". In order to become a great staff member who is respected by the community, you must first master these three fundamental concepts. Let's go over them in detail.

Professionalism is, in short, presenting yourself as a refined, intelligent, or otherwise exquisite person. This does not mean, however, that you are better than others. When Frost says, "I expect you to act professional", he means he wants you to represent the community well, and not give off a bad vibe to new players. For you to show that you're professional, make sure to always be polite, use proper grammar, and answer any questions from players. This will really show the community that you are going to really be a great addition to the server.

Competence. The ability and intellect to do something. It's a must-have to be staff. Learning to be a good staff member is hard, but making mistakes is apart of learning. Competence can be gained from just doing your job. Eventually, you'll learn what's appropriate vs. what isn't, how to handle situations, and other things like that. It just takes time, and experience. Experience is earned by doing.

Maturity is something that is kinda a broad term. Acting mature for your age is different than acting mature enough to be staff. If you wish to keep your job as a staff member, you must show that you are mature enough to handle it. This means, acting like an adult for most situations, if not all of them. Like stated above, first impressions are everything to new players. They do not want to see some child who's admin, phys-raping someone around and mass teleporting. Just act like a normal human being, and you'll be fine.

II.) Doing your job.

Now that you've learned what we expect from you, it's time to do your job as a staff member. Staff members, as most know, are largely responsible for making sure the server doesn't roam into chaos because of rule-breakers. However, there are some responsibilities that staff have that don't involve typing, "!ban frost 0 lol fucking nerd get out"

Sometimes, you may be asked to explain a rule to a player who's had little or no experience on the gamemode or server. If you're doing this, explain the rule to the player in a non-condesending way. Make sure they understand the rule entirely, and answer any other of their questions.

Other times, you may be asked to help a staff member who's handling something else. Do what they ask, or attempt to. If you are unable to help the staff member, notify another member of the team, or if it's urgent, contact management.

As a staff member, it's important to be prepared for almost anything, and it's your responsibility to handle those situations where a staff member is needed.

III.) Punishments

Ah, probably the most common thing staff members give out. Punishments. There are three different types of offenses: Misdemeanor, Minor, and Major. Below will be a list of what falls under what. 

  • RDM x1
  • RDA x1
  • Minor spam.
  • FailRP x1
  • Minge running.
  • Stun baton abuse.
  • Anything else considered minor.
Misdemeanor offenses should follow this format of punishment: Warn, warn again, warn once more. The third warn should auto-kick them. Make sure you use the warn system! Type !warn in chat!

  • Minge behavior.
  • Obvious intent to troll.
  • Flooding.
  • Major spam.
  • Harassment.
  • Acting like a douche.

Minor offenses should follow this format of punishment: Warn, 
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