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Frequently Asked Questions - Frost - 04-27-2018

1.) Why is the server private/whitelist only?

One night, I was talking with Blitz. We were bored, and were discussing video games. My Minecraft server came up in discussion. Then an idea was proposed in my mind, that we both liked:

Having a server, that is easy to run, and only has your friends and their friends on it.

See, one of the stressful things of server managing is meeting the requirements of new players you've never met before. YOu gotta act professional, help them out every .000000000023 seconds, and ect. It also requires PR, and a "gloss" look.

With only having friends and their friends on, it limits down the amount of people you're managing, and we can all have fun without the over-saturated, fake attitude put on by server owners, and removing the stress of appealing to every demand made by players. We can also do whatever we want, without fear of a new player being like, "lol what a bad server reported youtubed xdddd"

Overall, the server is just meant for us to be able to relax and play some classic Minecraft.

2.) What are my payment options?

Well, the preferred and by far easiest way to pay is in the form of PayPal. It's only $5.00 USD, and you receive permanent access. However, I may sometimes accept different forms of payment:
Overpay is a requirement, and the amount of overpay will be decided upon us talking. It's usually between 5% and 25%. It depends on your method and what not.

3.) Is there staff?

PFFT, no. Remember earlier how I said that having a private server is less stressful? Trust me. Having staff would not only crate staff issues, but just adds to chaos. We just want a place to fuck off on, and not care about it.

Now with that being said, if the server occasionally needs someone with operator to be on, I may select someone who I trust, and give them operator. Shouldn't be needed though.

4.) Are there donator items?

Eh. Maybe. Like I said, this server is just for us to be able to play Minecraft together. I don't really want to con my friends out of money for items. I wouldn't count on it.

5.) Will there be other gametypes than survival?

Yeah, I might throw in Skyblock or somethin'. Give me time, I wanna see how this works out first.