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Kitdj's staff Applacation - Kitdj7902 - 03-10-2018

Welcome to the format for applying for staff. Be sure to read this carefully, and answer the questions in a different post. Everyone who applies is applying for the rank of Trial-Moderator, and nothing else. Good luck!

1.) Must meet the age requirement. We're not disclosing the required age. Do not ask us for it either.I am the age of 16.
2.) Must have at least four hours of time on the server. This can be checked in-game by looking at the top right of your screen.I have been on this server for more than 3 days.
3.) Must have proper grammar skills. The minimum is proper capitalization, and punctuation.Yes. I can spell ok.
4.) Must be active. If you must leave for any reason, be sure to contact the manager.I am very active im on as much as i can.
5.) Must have a clean track record. I.E: No kicks, no bans, no more than three warns, ect.I dont know how many warns i have but i have ben trying to do better.
6.) Must speak English fluently.Yes i do speak english.

1.) Steam Name.Killer79022
2.) Steam ID. STEAM_0:1:174811958
3.) In-game name.Kitdj.
4.) Time on server.3 days.
5.) Age.16.
6.) Time you can be on the server.Any time im not at school or doing a activity
7.) Describe yourself as a person. List three positive things and one negative.Im active.Fun.Helpful./I like to try to do it on my own.Forgetful.I try to do too much at once.
8.) Type a couple sentences on why you're applying for staff.Iwant to apply for staff so i can keep the server safe while the big admins are out living there lives i also want to helpout my favorite SCP RP server.

Now answer the following scenario as if you were a Trial-Moderator.

Scenario 1: You see a player who is constantly harassing someone else. What would you do?Tell them to stop and if they do not comply call a admin or warn them again.

Scenario 2: You notice that a player is attempting to loop-hole the rules. What would you do?Tell them that its not how it works and that is a loophole if they don't warn them.
Scenario 3: You spot another staff member who's being disrespectful to a player. What would you do?Call another staff of a higher rankand let them deal with it.

Scenario 4: You spot a staff member who's abusing their powers. What would you do?Tell them to stop and call a staff of higher rank.

Scenario 5: A player makes an illegal threat to DDOS someone or murder someone in real-life. What would you do?kick/ban them for DDOS threats.

Here are some questions that will not harm your application, but may boost your chances of getting accepted:

[X] Do you speak a foreign language without the need of some sort of translation program?No.
[X] Do you have people who would vouch for you?I dont realy know.
[X] Have you donated?Would like to.
[X] Do you have any type of educational degree?Im in high school so middle shcool degree.
[X] Do you have any history of being staff?
[X] Do you know the owners?
[X] Are you a fast typist?
[X] Are you able to be active every day?

Do not tell us that you applied. Trust me. We know you did. I'm emailed whenever a thread is made on the forums.

Do not mention, ask, imply, ect. for us to look at your application either. That's really annoying. Doing it will lead to a -Support or a denial. Thank you.

- Management.

RE: Kitdj's staff Applacation - Frost - 03-10-2018


There's a few things wrong here: Now, regarding you, yourself: Kit, you're a cool guy, and I like playing with you, but I just cannot make you staff. There's just too many things you've done that don't let you qualify. I'm sorry.

RE: Kitdj's staff Applacation - F34R_Gridlock - 03-14-2018


- Grammatical/Formatting Issues

- Should have cut out the excess text at the top and bottom.
- Improper punctuation, spelling, and spacing between sentences.
- Did not bother to answer 4 questions.

- In-Game Issues

- More than 3 warns.
- You have been caught by multiple staff exploiting glitches to your own in-game gain.
- Multiple accounts of RDM and FailRP

Look, I know you're a good person to roleplay with, but there is no way I could see Frost accepting you as a staff member. You are a very chill person, but you do have a shady track record for breaking rules and the like.

RE: Kitdj's staff Applacation - Frost - 03-17-2018


Your application was denied for the following reason(s): You may not re-apply for two weeks, as this is your second application.

Thank you.