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MILKNCHEESE'S STAFF APPLICATION - Milky yet cheesey - 03-03-2018

1.) Steam Name.
2.) Steam ID.
3.) In-game name.
4.) Time on server.
14 hours.
5.) Age.
14 years old.
6.) Time you can be on the server.
Almost all days of the week unless someone occurs or I'm busy with school work.
7.) Describe yourself as a person. List three positive things and one negative.
Well, I'm not really one to start conversations unless I know you well or like you as a person. I easily make friends and find myself somewhat funny. I'm serious when needed to be but otherwise, I consider myself a pretty chill guy to hang around with. I'm not biased towards friends or those close to me either. Though, I am pretty self-conscious and sometimes get defensive when criticized.
8.) Type a couple sentences on why you're applying for staff.
I've only seen this server just 1-2 days ago and I already love it. The community is pretty nice and the staff don't freak out and have orgasms if you use your mic as an SCP. I also like the way stuff is set up and how it's actually fun. Unlike other servers, you actually get a lot of activity with the SCPs not just waiting in your chamber for 4 hours until CI raid and breach you. And since I like this server so much, I thought I'd might as well benefit to it instead of just being a simple Class-D or that one SCP.

Now answer the following scenario as if you were a Trial-Moderator.

Scenario 1: You see a player who is constantly harassing someone else. What would you do?
I'd ask the person to stop harassing the other and then depending on what the harasser was saying or doing to the other person, I'd warn them, mute them, or do anything else within my power to punish them as fit. If further punishment is needed, I'll ask a staff member that is able to assist me.
Scenario 2: You notice that a player is attempting to loop-hole the rules. What would you do?
I'd be sure to take a few screenshots and such just in case. After that, I'd ask them to kindly stop. I would then ask them for a specific reason as you never know and warn them.

Scenario 3: You spot another staff member who's being disrespectful to a player. What would you do?
Firstly, I'd take screenshot and video evidence. After that, I'd contact a higher up to deal with the staff member.

Scenario 4: You spot a staff member who's abusing their powers. What would you do?
Begin to record and take screenshots for evidence purposes. I'd then contact a higher up to give this staff member their well-deserved punishment.

Scenario 5: A player makes an illegal threat to DDOS someone or murder someone in real-life. What would you do?
I'd immediately contact a staff member to permanently ban this user as I assume I'd be unable to.
Here are some questions that will not harm your application, but may boost your chances of getting accepted:

[X] Do you speak a foreign language without the need of some sort of translation program?
No, but I can understand some Vietnamese.
[X] Do you have people who would vouch for you?
Not really, most people know me as the "Class-D who escaped and killed a few guards" or "The Class-D that gave me a gun."
[X] Have you donated?
Not yet, I'm planning to soon.
[X] Do you have any type of educational degree?
[X] Do you have any history of being staff?
I've moderated several discord servers and have gotten admin if a few other now dead servers.
[X] Do you know the owners?
I've cracked a few jokes with him in game but doubt he remembers me. That's the extent of it.
[X] Are you a fast typist?
I can type from a range of 70-110 wpm but the faster I type, the higher chance there is for 1-2 grammar mistakes. I can still type at a pretty good pace with no grammar mistakes though.
[X] Are you able to be active every day?
Pretty much but if I'm busy with schoolwork as I've said or if something occurs I most likely won't be on.


A very active member. Very good responses.


Very active. Great Person