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Joseph Staff App ;) - Joseph - 02-28-2018

1.) Steam Name. Joseph
2.) Steam ID.STEAM_0:1:78906844
3.) In-game name.Joseph
4.) Time on server.1 day and 8 hours
5.) Age. 15
6.) Time you can be on the server. Every day
7.) Describe yourself as a person. List three positive things and one negative. Good : I know how to get along with people, I know alot of people on the sever, I can do good admin sit | Bad :I troll, I have school so I can be REALLY active, I play roblox.
8.) Type a couple sentences on why you're applying for staff. Im applying because I have been playing on the server for a long time and I like it and I think it is time.

Now answer the following scenario as if you were a Trial-Moderator.

Scenario 1: You see a player who is constantly harassing someone else. What would you do?
Tell them to stop and if they dont warn them.
Scenario 2: You notice that a player is attempting to loop-hole the rules. What would you do?
Warn them and if they do it again kick
Scenario 3: You spot another staff member who's being disrespectful to a player. What would you do?
Tell them to stop and tell you
Scenario 4: You spot a staff member who's abusing their powers. What would you do?
Tell you and tell them not to do that
Scenario 5: A player makes an illegal threat to DDOS someone or murder someone in real-life. What would you do?
Ban or kick
Here are some questions that will not harm your application, but may boost your chances of getting accepted:

[No] Do you speak a foreign language without the need of some sort of translation program?
[Maby] Do you have people who would vouch for you?
[Not yet] Have you donated?
[Never] Do you have any type of educational degree?
[Not on this server] Do you have any history of being staff?
[Yes] Do you know the owners?
[Maby] Are you a fast typist?
[Most the time] Are you able to be active every day?

RE: Joseph Staff App ;) - Frost - 03-03-2018


Joseph, you know there's simply no way in hell I can accept this. You're an alright guy and all, but your past actions and what you've done are just too much to be able to even consider this application. Also the answers lack in detail. Sorry.

- Frost.

RE: Joseph Staff App ;) - F34R_Gridlock - 03-03-2018

I can't tell if his application is a troll or is legitimately serious.