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kitdj's applacation - kirdj - 02-25-2018

1.) Steam Name.killer79022
2.) Steam ID.Dont know
3.) In-game name.kitdj
4.) Time on server.over 16 hours
5.) Age.16
6.) Time you can be on the server.any time after 3 oclock
7.) Describe yourself as a person. List three positive things and one fun active and very understanding i tend to fight alot
8.) Type a couple sentences on why you're applying for staff.i want to help the best scp server

Now answer the following scenario as if you were a Trial-Moderator.

Scenario 1: You see a player who is constantly harassing someone else. What would you do?war him after 3 kick/ban

Scenario 2: You notice that a player is attempting to loop-hole the rules. What would you do?warn kick /ban

Scenario 3: You spot another staff member who's being disrespectful to a player. What would you do?tell him to stop and to be nice

Scenario 4: You spot a staff member who's abusing their powers. What would you do?tell his higher ups like big dady frost

Scenario 5: A player makes an illegal threat to DDOS someone or murder someone in real-life. What would you do?kick /ban

Here are some questions that will not harm your application, but may boost your chances of getting accepted:

[X] Do you speak a foreign language without the need of some sort of translation program?no
[X] Do you have people who would vouch for you?i want big dady frost to maby ak
[X] Have you donated?no but would like to
[X] Do you have any type of educational degree?high school
[X] Do you have any history of being staff?im a staff on a millitary rp server
[X] Do you know the owners?frost and ak i hope there my frinds
[X] Are you a fast typist?ye but with many mistakes
[X] Are you able to be active every day?yes

RE: kitdj's applacation - Frost - 02-26-2018

Kit, I like you as a person and you're really cool, but this application is fuming with errors.


I'll give you my support once you fix the errors with this application. Just to name a few of the errors: Thanks,


RE: kitdj's applacation - Frost - 03-03-2018