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Full Version: Vibes Staff App
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1.) Steam Name. Vibes
2.) Steam ID.STEAM_0:1:102481106
3.) In-game name. Vibes
4.) Time on server. 17hrs
5.) Age. 14
6.) Time you can be on the server. Almost every day, but some days I may have sports or Academics
7.) Describe yourself as a person. List three positive things and one negative. I love to moderate or admin servers, I think it is very fun and uplifting to do. I love devoting my time to servers that are very exciting to play and ScpRP is one of them. But sometimes, I can mess around at times and be a little off topic when it comes to Moderating/Staffing. I will make sure to do what I can to fix this problem for the future 
8.) Type a couple sentences on why you're applying for staff.
First of all, Frost said there was a shortage of Staff, so I thought I could help. I really think accepting me would help me as a person get better at certain situations and also help the server become a bit better when it comes to mingery and or rule breakers. If you do accept me as a T-Mod, I will make sure to understand what the right and wrongs are of the server and when I am made a Moderator and given more perms, I will make sure to punish people who deserve their punishment for breaking the rules. I also want to make the server a better place and make the people playing the right way have a fun time and the people who are mingeing are punished in the correct way, so that the server can run for as long as it can.
Now answer the following scenario as if you were a Trial-Moderator.

Scenario 1: You see a player who is constantly harassing someone else. What would you do? With the perms I have, if I have access to mute I would mute them and then call a higher up to deal with the player harassing someone. Or if its Physical, in RP, I wouldseparate them and call a higher up to make sure no more rule breaking is happening between them

Scenario 2: You notice that a player is attempting to loop-hole the rules. What would you do? I would explain to them that the rules are rules and that trying to loop-hole them will still get them in trouble. I mean you can't legally rob a bank, so with the rules at hand, you will still get in trouble. But if they keep trying to do this, I will contact the higher-ups and Owners about the Loop-hole at hand and the person who tried it aswell.

Scenario 3: You spot another staff member who's being disrespectful to a player. What would you do? I will try to understand the situation and if the Staff member is in the wrong, I will try to tell him to stop and report him to higher ups and Owners.

Scenario 4: You spot a staff member who's abusing their powers. What would you do?
I would make sure that I catch evidence of this happening for reporting. Then, I would confront them telling them what they were doing is wrong. Even if I am a Trial-Mod, I would try to make sure that they won't try to do it again. I will report them either way with the evidence obtained to the higher-ups.
Scenario 5: A player makes an illegal threat to DDOS someone or murder someone in real-life. What would you do? If I cannot ban or anything, I will screenshot the chat and swiftly report this to one of the Owners to make sure they can deal with the DDOS threat and a Staff to ban the player.

Here are some questions that will not harm your application, but may boost your chances of getting accepted:

[X] Do you speak a foreign language without the need of some sort of translation program? I can speak Chinese a bit. Other languages I may pick up a few words. 
[X] Do you have people who would vouch for you? No, as really no one on here, really knows me that well.
[X] Have you donated? No, I will donate for sure in the future.
[X] Do you have any type of educational degree? Nope, I hope I will in the future.
[X] Do you have any history of being staff? Yes on Dark RP and AWRP 
[X] Do you know the owners? Bob and the AWRP server owner I think stepped down
[X] Are you a fast typist? Very Fast, I think, 80 wpm is my highest. I may mess up at times but I think I can type pretty well.
[X] Are you able to be active every day?
Yes, I am usually available every day unless I am traveling or have a Football game, usually on Mondays during fall.

Your active, and seem to actually care for the server, but you can get argumentative/belligerent. Your microphone is also hard to understand at points, making it difficult to comprehend what you're saying.

Your application was denied for the following reason(s):
  • Inactive.
  • Staff agreed upon denial.
  • In-game problems.
Feel free to re-apply in the future.

Thank you.