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Full Version: Add a Recontainment Tools
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So, I would start off by saying, the server is well and all. But I find something is lacking. When I usually play as a researcher and Security, I would often see SCP escaping (such as SCP-173) and the only containment did to such SCP is using Cuffs. While it is alright to have elastic cuffs as the primary method or to contain some SCP, I can't help but wonder. Most of these security officers don't have the cuffs like researcher do, so the only way to contain SCP-173 is to wait until someone with Draggable cuffs are around.
I am proposing we add tools so MTF and Security can handle containment without having to rely on someone with the right cuffs.
Since Security don't have the tools to contain SCP-173 back is a bit odd, because it is also their duty because of their short distance to the Containment chamber.
I've updated the handcuffs for Mobile Task Force. Security cannot be issued handcuffs because, not only were they not intended to re-contain SCPs, but on more than one occasion, they've been seen abusing the handcuffs. Security ensure the safety of the personnel in the Foundation, rather than the Foundation it's self.

However, if you find an addon or script that allows more ways to re-contain SCPs, or have any ideas, I'll gladly look at them.